Safe edge protection on your terms,

saving you time and money on site.

How DES was born?

New Idea


This product was born from frustration when supplying pre-fabricated wall frames, floor trusses and roof trusses to a 20 unit project.


The project required temporary edge protection to be used prior to laying floor sheet on the first floor.


This was to be erected by a 3rd party that was never onsite on the day or time required, causing significant delays and frustration.


I decided to work out a way to enable carpenters to continue framing without delays and eliminating the need to rely on a 3rd party for temporary fall protection.

It's tried and tested, see what our clients thought...

Daniel Cattolico

Co-Director – Trussed Carpentry

As co-director of a large carpentry company, there is nothing more frustrating than being held up on site waiting for deliveries and other trades.

This is one reason why I believe the new DES hand rail system is simply genius. The product gets delivered in advance and my team can install it easily and safely when they are ready, enabling us to get on with the job.

You can consider me an advocate for DES, it’s a fantastic system and saves us time and money!

John Vilas-Boas

Managing Director – L.10

We engaged Joe and his team to provide DES at a 64 townhouse development. We chose to proceed with this system over the typical proprietary systems that are currently on the market because there is no downtime waiting for another contractor to install their system to maintain OHS compliance.

The method of installation is simple and effective which is exactly what you need when running a multi-unit development and needing to achieve an ambitious construction time frame.

Due to the success on the above site, L.10 now uses DES on all projects.


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